I: NYCAAMH 2016 Annual Picnic on June 4th. Full details and free RSVP here.


II:   For new jobs posting, click HERE.


III:  Pictures from the APAMSA & APALSA conferences are uploaded.


IV:  During the APALSA conference, we learned that there was a team of students from Columbia Law School working with the Legal Services Corporation to increase awareness about the EITC, a federal tax benefit for low- to middle-income workers.  Some of your clients and their families may qualify.  Click on the following three links for more info:  1) EITC General Info2) EITC Application Info3) EITC Help Sites


V:  Here are the links for the presentation slides from our Problem Gambling Symposium:

“Gambling Disorder As A Behavioral Addiction”  by  Petros Levounis, MD, MA

“Gambling Disorder In Asians”  by  Xu Zhang Chen, MD

Gambling Awareness And Prevention  by  NYCPG  (New York Council on Problem Gambling)


To see pictures from the Gambling Symposium, (CLICK HERE)



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