Community Service and Education

Activities in recent years include:

  • 2001: Members of the Coalition translated educational materials regarding stress and PTSD into Chinese and Korean for distribution in Asian Communities in the aftermath of the September 11th attack. Members also volunteered to provide counseling services at help centers throughout the city.
  • 2002: The Coalition held a “Therapy for Therapists” Day to support mental health professionals in the Asian community.
  • 2002: The Coalition co-sponsored a Community Health Forum with the City Hall Senior Center.
  • 2007: The Coalition received funding from the Chinese American Planning Council to develop and conduct mental health screening and wellness groups for Chinese elders as well as a culturally competent mental health training program for front line workers.
  • 2007: The Coalition produced a film entitled “Shame and Silence” funded in part by educational grants from Janseen Pharmaceuticals and Eli Company. This video was offered to the mental health community as a training aid and discussion tool to examine the correlation between social stigmas and mental illness. The video consists of five vignettes focusing on different Asian ethnic groups including Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Vietnamese and Korean.
  • 2009: In partnership with Hamilton Madison House, the Coalition received funding from the New York Office of Mental Health to design and implement a statewide suicide awareness and education campaign targeting Asian elderly women. Initiatives included a video production, media campaign, outreach to primary care physicians, training for providers and educational workshops in various Asian communities.
  • 2010: The Coalition and the offices of Councilman Peter Koo and Assemblywoman Grace Meng co-sponsored a mental health education workshop in Flushing, Queens. Members of the Coalition participated in the presentation and provided private consultation in various Chinese dialects. Educational materials on mental health were developed in Chinese and Korean by Coalition members for distribution in the Flushing community.
  • 2011 -2012: The Coalition collaborated with community agencies in offering a series of workshops on depression, anxiety and suicide prevention for Chinese elders in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
  • 2011 – 2013: The Coalition co-sponsored with Fordham University School of Social Services.
  • two mental health career events for Asian undergraduate students.
  • 2012: Dr. Yen Chong, representing the Coalition, presented a workshop on “Utilization of mental health services in the Chinese immigrant community” at the Biennial Scientific Conference of the Federation of Chinese American and Chinese Canadian Medical Societies. Several Coalition members staffed an information and referral table on mental health services in the New York metropolitan area.
  • 2012 – 16: Several Coalition members spoke at the annual meeting of Asian American medical students (official name?) on mental health issues in the Asian American community.
  • 2017: The Coalition co-sponsored a legal and mental health clinic for DACA recipients of Asian descent in Flushing, New York.

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