Professional Conferences and Workshops

With the support of public and private institutions and community agencies, the Coalition has co-sponsored a series of conferences and workshops to enhance professional knowledge and skills for providers serving the Asian community:

2000: Two-day educational symposium on “Effective Clinical Practice with Asians and Asian Americans”.

2001: A conference on “Barriers and Opportunities: Expanding Culturally Competent Mental Health Services for Asian Americans”.

2002:  An educational workshop for mental health professionals on “Bipolar Disorder and Psychiatric Issues in Treating Asian Patients”.

2003: An all-day conference entitled “Beyond Cultural Competence: Challenges and Opportunities for Asian American Mental Health”.

2004: A national conference on “Overcoming Stigma in Asian American Health”.

2005: A national conference entitled “Break the Silence: Assessment and Prevention of suicide Among Asian Americans”.

2007: A conference on “Assessment & Treatment of Compulsive Gambling Among Asian Americans”.

2010: A conference on “Cultural Aspects of Grief: Coping with Bereavement and Loss among Asian Americans”.

2013: A conference on “Contemporary Practice with Asian American Clients: A Relational Perspective”.


2014: A half-day conference on “Suicide Assessment and Intervention: Culturally Relevant


Approaches in the Asian Community”.

2015: Half-day Symposium on Gambling in the Asian Community.

2016: A conference on “Working with Asian American Families across the Lifespan”.

2017: A multi-sponsored two-day “Research Conference on Integrated Care for Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders”.

2018 Workshop on legal rights of immigrants and refugees for community providers

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