Foo Chu Scholarship

The Foo Chu Scholarship Fund, established by the donation of Dr. Foo Chu to the Coalition in 2002, has awarded scholarships to graduate students conducting research that would further the understanding and knowledge regarding Asian Americans and mental health.

Past recipients and research projects:

  • Teddy Chen (2003),”A Study of Chinese American Family Caregivers of a Mentally Ill Relative: A Look at Predictors of Caregiving Outcomes”
  • Lina Sueyoshi (2004),”The Relationship of Acculturation, Gender, Self-efficacy and Religious Orientation to Risky Sexual Behaviors among Heterosexual Asian American Young Adults”
  • Lin Fang (2005),”Complimentary of Alternative? A Cross-Sectional Study of Socio-Cultural and Health Determinants of Unconventional Medicine Use by Chinese Patients with Mental Health Needs in an Urban Primary Care Setting”
  • Application information will generally be available in the fall.

For inquiries about the Foo Chu Scholarship, please email

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